Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Workplace injuries cause death of construction worker

Whenever workers are involved in renovating old buildings, there are multiple safety hazards to consider, especially when there is asbestos abatement to be done. When such a project is tackled in California, the owner of the construction company and the project managers have an enormous responsibility to assess all aspects of the project to identify potential hazards and address them appropriately. Workplace injuries and fatalities may be avoided if all safety regulations are followed.

A worker who was involved in the renovation of a building that was being changed into an apartment building in another state lost his life in an on-the-job accident. Authorities reported that the incident took place on a recent Tuesday morning. Reportedly, the construction worker was working on the ninth story of the building when, under unknown circumstances, a large piece of lumber fell on him, causing critical injuries.

Police, firefighters and other emergency workers rushed to the scene and found co-workers administering CPR in an attempt to keep the injured worker alive. Firefighters took over the CPR and emergency medical care, but the victim succumbed to his injuries. An accident investigation was launched to determine the sequence of events leading up to the worker’s death.

Such as in the above case, a California family who has to cope with the death of a loved one who suffered fatal workplace injuries may have to face several financial stumbling blocks at this difficult time. Financial relief may be pursued by filing death benefits claims with the workers’ compensation insurance system. Once it is established that the death was work-related, the insurance program typically covers end-of-life expenses and it may also provide financial assistance for the living expenses of the dependents for a designated period after their loss.

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