Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

When problems arise regarding treatment of a work injury

Oftentimes, after a worker suffers an injury at their job, they will receive medical care from a doctor that is in the medical provider network of their employer. Ideally, this care would promptly result in the worker receiving the right treatment, the workers’ comp insurance company would cover all treatments it is supposed to under state law, and the worker would be put onto the best path of recovery possible. Unfortunately, injured workers sometimes experience something far different from this ideal.

There are a variety of different problems that hurt workers sometimes run into when it comes to medical treatment from a doctor from an employer’s MPN, such as:

  • Disagreeing with the MPN doctor’s diagnosis.
  • Disagreeing with the treatment plan the MPN doctor has proposed.
  • Being denied coverage of a given treatment plan by the insurance company.

Facing these sorts of problems can be quite frustrating for a worker, as they may worry that these difficulties could endanger their ability to get the care they need to be able to properly recover and get their life back on track following their injury.

One thing workers should make sure to remember is that, if they do experience problems when it comes to care from a MPN doctor for a workplace injury, California law offers workers certain rights when it comes to treatment for workplace injuries and they may have legal options they can make use of in response to the problem they are facing.

Now, the specific rules California law has regarding medical treatment for workplace injuries can be quite complex. Our firm understands how complicated this aspect of workers’ comp law can be and we are committed to helping our clients who are experiencing struggles getting appropriate care after a workplace injury understand what exact options they have.