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California workplace accidents: Officer killed on duty

A California corrections officer was killed recently while on duty when his SUV overturned and rolled. His service dog was in the vehicle with him and was killed as well. The officer was leading a five vehicle prisoner caravan when he appeared to have lost control of his SUV. Unfortunately, some workplace accidents such as this one happen on what is considered a routine call.

Emergency personnel responded and took the officer to a nearby fire department where he passed away before they were able to transport him via helicopter, as planned. He had been with the corrections department for 23 years and was currently serving with the K-9 unit. His dog Mattie, a Belgian Malinois, was killed on scene. No other occupants were in the vehicle.

The accident happened on a two-lane road that was shut down while the investigation was underway. An investigation can sometimes be a lengthy process when a fatality is involved. All traffic had to be rerouted until the inquiry at the accident site was completed and the wreckage was removed.

The officer left behind a wife and two children. The family may benefit from a professional consultation to discuss what benefits they may be entitled to under California state law. Workplace accidents often leave surviving family members with many financial burdens. These typically include final medical costs and funeral expenses, in addition to the loss of income previously provided by the worker. Fortunately, workers’ compensation death benefits usually apply to provide important coverage for final costs and also include a lost income package for any dependents left behind.

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