Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

California construction accident leaves 1 man dead

A California worker has lost his life in a construction accident. The accident was witnessed by several workers. No one else sustained injuries in this tragic construction accident.

The accident happened in the early morning hours on a southbound exit. A 3,000-pound steel beam was being unloaded and somehow crushed the worker to death. Details surrounding exactly what happened were not immediately available.

Cal-OSHA officials were contacted to respond to the accident. The man who died was middle-aged, but it is unknown what company he worked for or if he left any immediate family members behind. The work involved an off ramp that is part of a freeway widening project that extends for several miles.

When a construction accident occurs, there is often a possibility of injury or even death. Unfortunately, this man lost his life in a work accident and has likely left behind grieving family members. Workers’ compensation survivor benefits may be able to help the family members with funeral expenses. It could also provide a stipend to the man’s wife and children, if he has any.

When someone passes away due to a California job accident, it can not only cause grief to the family but also financial problems, especially if the person was the main provider of financial support. Families in this situation might be able to receive benefits due to such an accident, but the amount will depend upon state law. It may be in a families’ best interest to seek out knowledgeable assistance when dealing with such benefits, especially if they feel they may not be receiving what they are entitled to.

Source: KPCC, “Construction accident kills worker on 405 Freeway in Los Angeles,” Oct. 11, 2012