Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Injury during sexual encounter on business trip: Workplace injury?

Workers’ compensation can be awarded as the result of several factors — workplace injury, industrial accident and construction accidents are a few common examples. However, these terms, like workplace accident, are very broad and there doesn’t appear to be a precise definition of what exactly constitutes them.

One woman pushed the boundaries of this definition and her efforts paid off. The woman has been award workers’ compensation for her workplace injury. What is this curious workplace injury? Sex. The woman was on a business trip when she had a sexual encounter and was injured.

Reportedly, during the incident a lamp fell, injuring the woman, which caused emotional duress. A court ruled that sex is a common occurrence of life and because it happened while the woman was on a business trip, it is considered a workplace accident.

This case goes to prove that with a careful investigation, experience legal counsel and a thorough understanding of one’s rights, there can be a happy, or maybe happier, ending to workplace accidents. Often, workplace accidents can leave an employee out of a job and out of wages. On top of this, the employee may have costly medical expenses.

It is for these reasons that it is imperative if an employee in San Diego or elsewhere has been injured while on the job, they seek experienced legal counsel and fight for their just compensation.

Source: 5 NBC Chicago, “Woman Hurt During Sex on Work Trip Entitled to Worker’s Compensation,” Daniel Macht, April 19, 2012