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3 construction site injuries that may require long-term treatment

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Work Injuries

While many industries have their fair share of accidents, the construction field has one of the highest rates of incidents. According to the National Safety Council, construction ranks in the top five most dangerous jobs when it comes to injuries and deaths.

Because of the tools and machinery involved in construction jobs, workers may face incidents of long-term injuries that could have an effect on a workman’s compensation case.

1. Crushing injuries

Large machinery, forklifts and other heavy tools can cause crushing injuries and permanently disable a major limb, such as an arm or a hand. Workers may also experience this type of injury when they become trapped between a heavy object and a wall. This can result in internal injuries that may cause lingering medical issues for years.

2. Falls

Falls from one floor to another or off ladders and lifts cause many injuries such as broken bones and head injuries that may result in long-term disability. for example, if a construction worker falls and strikes his or her head during the accident, it could cause a traumatic brain injury that may require long-term medical care and future physical therapy.

3. Vehicle accidents

Individuals who drive large trucks and other company vehicles, both on and off-site, may experience severe injuries during a transport or commuting accident. Those who drive long distances for these companies may have an increased risk of crash-related injuries.

Construction tools, like saws and nail guns, may also pose a serious long-term accident to those who work in the field. Stringent safety practices may help reduce these incidents.