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How safe is your delivery truck’s step stool?

If you work as a delivery driver for a major logistics company, you probably shudder every time you open the door and see the hundreds of packages you must deliver. Some of these, of course, are in stacks that reach over your head. Your company has planned for this and put a step stool inside your truck.

Even though your step stool is only a couple of feet tall, falling from it can be hazardous to your health. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 20% of the falls that occur in any given year cause serious injury.


Your delivery truck probably has an aluminum or alloy floor. This type of flooring is perfect for delivery vehicles, as its slickness allows you to push packages around. It is also easy to clean. Unfortunately, though, a slick van floor is not an optimal foundation for your step stool.


When you begin your route, you probably have precious little space in the back of your truck. If you need to reach a package, you may try to squeeze your step stool into a tight space. Put simply, you need sufficient clearance around your stool to use it properly and safely.


Unlike many types of step ladders, your step stool does not have any place to put your hands when you climb onto it. Regrettably, if you lose your footing or stumble, you are not likely to have anything to grab to prevent you from falling.

Even though you must use your truck’s step stool to do your job, the stool is probably not as safe as you expect. Ultimately, if you suffer an injury when working with the stool, applying for workers’ compensation benefits ensures you can obtain the medical care you need to recover.