Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

What are some safety features you need on a scaffold?

When working on a construction site, your bosses could account for some accidents but not for others. In some circumstances, they could even send you to work on a scaffold without any safety equipment.

Knowing what safety guidelines you should follow and what materials you need while working on a tall platform can help you if an injury happens during the work day.

Guard railings and rigging

According to the United States Department of Labor, trip and fall scenarios are relatively common while high up on a scaffold. This means that you need a safe place to grab onto if you trip or if another person leaves a tool in your pathway that causes you to fall.

The cables and ropes that hold you up in case you slip while working on a platform should also be able to hold multiple times your weight.

Competent inspector

Before setting foot on the scaffold, every workplace needs a competent person to inspect and check the platform. This includes testing for how well it holds multiple people’s weights and how new the pieces of equipment on the scaffold are.

Workers should never ignore broken or rusted parts since they can crack and send you falling to the ground.


Many workers work on multiple areas at once, and changing the tools they use can lead to someone dropping one. When you are working beneath them on a lower level, this can lead to a serious head injury.

Your workplace needs to provide the proper headgear for any kind of project while working on a scaffold. Knowing your employee rights to a safe workplace can help you after an accident.