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5 factors that could lead to a deadly scaffolding collapse

worker on scaffold

For a large home renovation or huge construction project, workers often rely on scaffolding to provide stability and height. Unfortunately, these temporary structures can fail leading to a collapse. Based on the height of the scaffolding, any tools on the structure or materials that could fall, the collapse could result in severe injuries and worker fatalities.

While they are a common sight on a worksite, scaffolding collapse can result from countless factors, including:

  • Faulty construction: Those tasked with erecting the structure could do so poorly, cut corners or use incorrect materials.
  • Defective materials: Even if workers erect the structure properly, faulty materials can lead to a collapse.
  • Inadequate training: Supervisors must ensure workers receive the proper training as well as instruction about safety equipment and weight restrictions.
  • Parts failure at anchors: Even if workers use the correct parts correctly, materials at the attachment points could fail leading to a collapse.
  • Failure to level the structure: A worksite is often punctuated by an unlevel surface. Workers must ensure the scaffolding rests on level ground or leveling plates to ensure a safe structure.

Even when following weight restrictions, defective materials or faulty construction can lead to a scaffolding collapse. The workers could potentially fall several stories to the ground, pavement or concrete below them. Further, the structure can collapse upon the fallen workers or drop tools or materials to ground level causing additional injuries.

Construction workers face hazards on every shift. From defective power tools to toxic exposure, a worksite is often a dangerous environment. A scaffolding collapse or any fall from height can lead to broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage, amputation or paralysis. Depending on the specific factors of the accident, the collapse could result in a worker fatality.

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