Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Potential job injuries for retail workers

Retail workers have some of the most stressful jobs in California. Dealing with the public on a constant basis is not an easy task in and of itself, and then workers must also deal with management decisions and job assignments. Some jobs are relatively easy and require little to no physical input, while others can be tedious and often dangerous to some degree. And, that is not to mention a potentially unsafe workplace when housekeeping is lacking. It is no accident that certain injuries are among those most common for workers’ comp claims.

Repetitive motion disorders and injuries

Retail workers are in constant motion regardless of if they are working a sales floor, storage room, or a cash register. Something is always happening. Those who lift cartons daily use their backs and legs regularly while those on the registers and running machinery are using their hands, and many workers are actually on their feet for an entire shift. This constant activity results in physical stress on employees, and it over time can develop into any of a variety of repetitive injury disorders such as carpal tunnel or slipped vertebrae in the back. Both injuries are a common basis for a workers’ comp claim.

Slip and fall injuries

Housekeeping is a continual issue in any retail store, and especially in the large name-brand outlets. Many times the stores operate short-handed and workers do not receive assignments in a timely fashion, which can then result in lax housekeeping and rushed employees. Neither scenario is good, and workers are as vulnerable to injury as the customers. Additionally, accidents can range from any body part to the fingers for workers such as meat cutters and those using knives while unloading cargo.