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Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Workplace eye injuries afflict many people

California has a lot of hard-working people in jobs that prove especially harmful to the eyes. Employers are responsible for providing eye protection and training to ensure a relatively safe work environment. However, even at the most prepared job sites, workplace accidents still happen that can cause eye injuries and potential blindness.

Tens of thousands suffer eye injuries annually

When workplace injuries affect eyesight, workers’ comp insurance should cover the medical costs and provide income while off work. That should help to comfort the 20,000 workers who suffer eye injuries at work annually as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. When the eyes are injured, workers usually miss time from work as even the temporary loss or reduction of the ability to see clearly renders many workers incapable of doing their jobs.

Eye injuries are especially costly

Given the fragile nature of the eyes and the critically important sense of sight that they provide, treating eye injuries can be especially costly. Medical costs and lost productivity due to workplace eye injuries run up an annual total of about $300 million, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports. The extent of injuries can range from basic eye strain to massive trauma that might cause a permanent injury and blindness.

Eye protection and constant training needed

It’s important for employers to provide sufficient eye protection and ensure that workers are properly trained in safety procedures. The first step is incredibly simple to do and only carries a nominal cost that is tiny fraction of the annual costs associated with workplace eye injuries. The second step requires more involved training and costs but also ensures that workplace accidents remain minimal and injuries have a better chance of just being minor ones when they do occur.

Whenever an employee suffers eye injuries while working, workers’ compensation insurance should apply, but your claim might get denied for many reasons. An attorney who is experienced in workers’ comp may help by reviewing your case and holding the right parties liable for injuries and costs.