Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Amazon warehouses report high levels of injuries

New research has revealed that Amazon warehouses in California and across the country suffer a significant number of workplace accidents. In 2019, 14,000 injuries were reported across various Amazon warehouses, a 33% increase from the amount of accidents in 2016. These statistics show that Amazon has more workplace injuries than many of its competitors in the warehouse industry.

When Amazon representatives were interviewed about the number of workplace accidents in their facilities, they claimed that numbers have gone up due to increased reporting. However, reports have shown that the rate of injuries steadily increased even when the company tried to set safety goals.

In 2014, Amazon started automating its warehouses with robots that can sort and collect packages. Some experts have suggested that the injuries are increasing because workers can’t keep up with the robots. Many automated warehouses have reported high levels of workplace accidents, including one warehouse that had 25 injuries for every 100 workers.

Additionally, critics have pointed out that Amazon tends to overwork its employees during holiday seasons. This can increase stress and fatigue, which might cause more accidents. Employees are expected to meet high metrics or risk being disciplined. If they get disciplined too many times, they risk being fired, which gives employees an incentive to push themselves to the limit.

Can attorneys help employees who have suffered from workplace accidents?

A workplace accident can result in severe injuries or permanent disability as well as loss of income. When an individual files for workers’ compensation, some employers deny the claim or terminate the individual’s employment. If an individual feels that they’ve been unfairly treated, an attorney may be able to help them seek compensation for their physical and emotional damages.

An attorney might help their client file a lawsuit against their employer for refusing to pay out compensation. They may also be able to help their client file a lawsuit against the company for creating an unsafe environment in the first place.