Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Key points to know about workers’ compensation claims

Californians who are injured at work will face multiple concerns in the immediate aftermath. Not only will there be the need for medical treatment to try to return to full health, but the possibility of lost wages can lead to financial and personal challenges. Fortunately, there is workers’ compensation to help injured employees.

Understanding the process for workers’ compensation benefits is a vital aspect of being approved. After the injury, the worker should seek medical care as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, the employer might require that the worker see a physician of its choice. Regardless of whether the worker believes he or she needs medical care, it is still a good idea to be checked out just in case the injury is worse than initially thought.

The employer needs to be told that an injury has occurred. There are general deadlines to adhere to, but this should be done as soon as possible. It is also wise to put it in writing. The following information should be provided: the injury and what part of the worker’s body was affected, where and when it happened, the identity of anyone who was present and involved, how it occurred and what medical care the worker has already had.

Employers who do not have workers’ compensation insurance can face various sanctions. Another concern is if the employer tries to retaliate against a worker who claims to have been injured. This is illegal. A claims administrator for the state will analyze the workers’ compensation claim and decide whether to approve it or not. If there is a dispute about the claim, the sides disagree on its severity or other problems arise with workers’ compensation, legal advice may be critical.