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Loading dock safety crucial to prevent workplace injuries

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Work Injuries

Loading docks are areas that could be particularly hazardous in distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing plants and fulfillment centers in San Diego and other California cities. With the primary activities in these facilities focused on receiving goods and then distributing the merchandise, loading docks are typically hubs of activity. For this reason, establishing safety protocols is crucial for the prevention of workplace injuries.

Along with semitrailers and stacks of stock to be loaded or unloaded, forklifts and workers on foot rush about in a fast-paced manner to get the grueling tasks done as quick as possible. Some of the most significant risks involve forklifts, and it is no wonder that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict safety standards. One of them mandates that only certified, trained drivers should operate forklifts and other motorized industrial trucks.

Once forklift safety is addressed, workers on foot must be adequately trained in all aspects of safe loading and unloading cargo as well as the use of pallet jacks and proper lifting techniques to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. They must be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment and learn the importance of using wheel chocks to avoid unanticipated vehicle movement. Lastly, but of primary importance, cleaning and housekeeping must be conducted that will eliminate slip and trip hazards that could cause falls.

Some of the hazards present in the loading docks of different facilities are unique, and employers must make sure all of them are mitigated. San Diego workers who suffer workplace injuries might be eligible for compensation to cover their medical expenses along with lost wages if they were temporarily disabled. They can even focus on recovery by hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to navigate the benefits claims process for them.