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23-year-old construction worker suffers fatal workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Work Injuries

The California construction industry poses numerous hazards to workers in San Diego and other counties. Regardless of whether the project is a skyscraper or a residential building, there will always be significant chances for workplace injuries to occur. Although the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health prescribes safety guidelines and regulations to prevent on-the-job accidents, non-compliance is rampant.

Unfortunately, many construction site accidents are fatal. Authorities reported one such a tragedy on a recent Monday. Emergency workers were called to a construction site at a residence shortly before noon. The fire department responded, and paramedics arrived at the building site to find a 23-year-old worker who had fallen from the building’s roof.

Sadly, the young man succumbed to the blunt force trauma he suffered in the fall. The coroner reported his death to have been accidental. Reportedly, both the police department and Cal/OSHA were informed of the accident. Investigations will likely follow, and determining whether safety violations played a role will probably form a part of the investigation.

Losing a loved one to fatal workplace injuries is naturally traumatic for the surviving family members, and when it happens during the holidays, it seems even worse. In such circumstances, San Diego families in similar situations seek the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to assist with the claims process for workers compensation survivors’ benefits. They can expect to receive compensation for the costs of a funeral and burial along with a financial package that will make up for lost wages.