Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Industrial accident leaves California worker dead

Construction and industrial accidents are unfortunately among the most common types of mishaps that occur. A tragic industrial accident occurred in Carlsbad, California recently where a 48-year-old man was killed just after midnight at a flower distribution warehouse where he worked.

The worker was getting ready to assist in unloading a shipment from out of state when the tractor-trailer reportedly lurched backward suddenly. This caused the open doors of the trailer to hit the man in the head, knocking him down to the ground, where he apparently hit the back of his head. Coworkers tried to come to his aid but were unable to help him.

Paramedics were immediately called. Upon arrival, they tried to revive the victim, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death is on hold pending autopsy results, and the matter remains under investigation.

Unfortunately, this California industrial accident may have been able to be avoided. Officials will investigate the cause in the hopes of finding out exactly what happened. This may help to put better safety practices into place or make sure that they are properly followed. The man’s family will ultimately want to know the cause of the accident and what could have been done to prevent the death of their loved one.

Industrial accidents such as this are understandably tragic for the families of the victim. In this case the family will certainly be devastated by the sudden loss of their loved one in such a sudden and seemingly senseless manner. They may struggle to make sense of this tragic event while deciding how to best handle the situation. While nothing can bring back a loved one who has tragically died, the family may find some comfort in the fact that workers’ compensation death benefits should provide them with funds for funeral expenses and lost income for the loss of the family wage earner.

Source: KGTV San Diego, “Worker Dies In Carlsbad Industrial Accident,” June 8, 2012