Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Battery explosion injures 1

Industrial jobs often deal with chemicals and volatile substances that when not properly handled can result in industrial accidents. One such industrial accident happened yesterday when a prototype battery exploded in General Motors car factory. The explosion was so powerful it blew out windows on a building of the campus.

A blaze did erupt but was quickly extinguished. Reportedly, emergency responders were quickly on the scene. One responder is quoted as saying, “Our guys did a great job, they were there within five minutes, and did a fantastic job knocking the fire down and getting everybody out.”

However, one victim was sent to the hospital. No further details on the extent of his injuries or recovery have yet been released, likely due to the recent nature of the industrial accident. Depending on the extent of this victim’s injuries, he could be entitled to compensation for his lost wages and suffering.

Regardless of how many potential-victims in an industrial accident were ushered to safety, even just one victim is a person that will not be able to work due to their injuries for whatever period of time. These lost wages and pain do entitled a victim in San Diego and elsewhere to workers’ compensation benefits.

However, in order to receive workers’ compensation, an isolated incident, such as this explosion, is not the only injury that can garner benefits. In fact, carpel tunnel syndrome is among the most common workplace injury in California. Workers that are injured would do well to be aware of their rights and seek their deserved compensation.

Source: Click On Detroit, “Battery explosion blows out lab windows at building in General Motors Tech Center in Warren,” April 11, 2012