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Workers' comp board rules man can get benefits after heart attack

When most people in San Diego think about incidents that would lead to someone putting in a claim for workers' compensation, they probably think of what might be considered "normal" injuries: broken bones, falls from heights or slip-and-fall injuries. One type of illness that might not come to mind immediately: a heart attack.

However, an incident from out of state shows that an illness such as a heart attack could be construed as being compensable -- that is to say, that workers' compensation could be paid out to someone who suffers a heart attack as a result of job-related stress.

The situation involved a project manager for several construction projects. He oversaw a budget of millions of dollars and many of the projects he was involved with were not going particularly well. In one particularly upsetting incident, a contractor screamed in the face of the project manager, who later said he felt as if his life was being threatened.

The man routinely had to drive long distances to visit his project sites, and two weeks after the screaming incident, after a long drive, a long meeting and another heated discussion, he suffered a heart attack. Ultimately, the workers' compensation board that ruled on the case said that the extreme conditions the man experienced were worse than what someone from the general public might be subjected to, and awarded the man compensation.

The moral of the story is that for someone who has a lingering ailment or some kind of health issue that they think could be traced back to their job, speaking to a workers' compensation attorney could make a big difference between having a claim approved or not.

Source: Risk & Insurance, "Project manager proves working conditions caused heart attack," Dec. 10, 2012


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