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Workers Compensation Terms


ALJ: Administrative Law Judge

AME: Agreed Medical Examiner AMA 5th: Refers to the American Medical Association Guides for Rating Disability, 5th Edition

AOE/COE: Arising out of employment/Course of Employment

APP: Application for Adjudication of Claim

C&R: Compromise and Release (closes out medical care)

DEU: Disability Evaluations Unit

DIR: Department of Industrial Relations

DOR: Declaration of Readiness to Proceed

DWC: Department of Workers Compensation

EAMS: Electronic Adjudication Management System

F&A: Findings and Award

IBR: Independent Bill Review

IMR: Independent Medical Review

MMI: Maximum Medical Improvement (used interchangeably with P&S)

MOD/ALT: Offer of Modified or Alternative Employment

MOH: Minutes of Hearing

MPN: Medical Provider Network

PD: Permanent Disability

PPD: Permanently Partially Disabled

PTD: Permanently Totally Disabled

POS: Proof of Service

PQME: Panel Qualified Medical Examiner

P&S: Permanent and Stationary (used interchangeably with MMI)

Recon: Reconsideration (usually referring to Petition for Reconsideration of a trial judges decision)

RTW: Return to Work

RTWSP: Return to Work Supplemental Program

SDJBV: Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher

STIP: Stipulation with Request for Award (leaves medical open)

S&W: Serious and Willful Misconduct (Labor Code section 4553)

TD: Temporary Disability

TPD: Temporary Partial Disability

TTD: Temporary Total Disability

UEF: Uninsured Employers Fund

UEBTF: Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund

UR: Utilization Review

VR: Vocational Rehabilitation

WCAB: Workers Compensation Appeals Board

WCJ: Workers Compensation Judge

5 Pager: Pre Trial Conference Statement

132A: Labor Code section 132A (discriminatory termination of employee)