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Workers' compensation benefits helpful in California industry

A variety of hazards are present in any workplace, and this is especially true for people who work in the industrial setting. These hazards, ranging from rusty pipes to equipment that has not been well maintained, can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of workers in California -- hence the need for workers' compensation benefits. Experts now are pushing for major changes in how industrial safety is regulated and practiced following a workplace accident that occurred in the state.

California workplace accidents: Security gate falls on guard

Local police were recently called to the site of a San Bernardino business where a woman was found dead. In response to that death, the California office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been called to investigate the deadly accident. Many workplace accidents are caused by faulty equipment, and this case may be the same.

California workplace accidents: Man dies after mixer accident

Medical personnel did what they could to save the life of a temporary employee at the Henkel Corporation in California. The possibility of workplace accidents is always present at industrial facilities. The question is always whether that accident could have been prevented?

Man falls 40 feet to the ground in California workplace accident

Workplace accidents often occur with no prior warning and can sometimes result in serious injury or even death. A California man has been injured on the job in one of these workplace accidents. Fortunately, the man survived the accident but is in the hospital.

California workplace accidents: Plastics company site of fatality

California workplace accidents can often end in serious injury or death, but if safety issues exist prior to such an accident a company can face serious fines and penalties. Another accident has occurred at a plastics company. The worker involved was attempting to service a forklift when he was killed. Workplace accidents that involve a fatality can end with the family receiving workers' compensation benefits that could help them pay for last expenses associated with their loved one's death and help offset the effects of a major loss of income.

Workplace injuries: California OSHA divulges cause of accident

In an Oct. 31 blog posting, a fatal California crane accident was covered ("Industrial accident kills California crane mechanic"). OSHA has released the identity of the 51-year-old man that died and they have also uncovered the reasons behind the accident. Workplace injuries like these can be difficult to prevent, but ensuring workers and the company adheres to required safety practices can greatly reduce them.

California job site accidents: Unnecessary long-term opioid use?

A new study has suggested some disturbing results for workers involved in job site accidents. The study examined the habit of opioid use among employees claiming workers' compensation in California and throughout the nation. The study showed that long-term use of the narcotics was at an increase in 10 out of the 21 study states. Workers injured in job site accidents who use these drugs after a non-surgical injury could be at a higher risk for addiction.

Working to keep industrial workers in California safe

California oil refineries are under scrutiny due to recent reports that 15 oil refineries in the state have not been involved in workplace safety inspections per federal standards. Industrial workers may be interested to learn what the future holds for their safety as they continue to work in these environments. An incident at the Richmond refinery in August that left part of the plant destroyed has cast scrutiny on California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

California indictment brings lab workplace accidents to light

Chemists from all over the world clamor over each other to work in the labs in California's premiere universities. The allure of the freedom to research and create things that may someday change the world draws thousands of applications each year, but that freedom can be a double edged sword. What these chemists may fail to remember is that there are real dangers when working in a research lab and workplace accidents can happen.

Workplace accidents: 2 dead, 1 injured at road construction site

A recent California car crash resulted in the tragic death of two road construction workers and injury to a third construction worker. Workplace accidents like these happen all too often, especially at night. This incident took place just after 3:30 a.m. on the San Diego Freeway in Torrance, California, even though the area was apparently well lit.

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