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Many California construction workers' accidents come from falls

Construction workers understand that there are certain risks that come with their job. Without even considering the risks that are involved at the job site, the equipment many workers use comes with some fairly serious dangers. That's why it may surprise some people that construction workers' accidents come mainly from falls.

California worker killed in construction accident

A California worker has died after a tragic construction accident. The man fell several feet while he was working at a home. The fall occurred in the morning at a neighborhood where they were working on a new home. It took crew members several minutes to realize the construction accident had happened.

Workplace injuries: California OSHA divulges cause of accident

In an Oct. 31 blog posting, a fatal California crane accident was covered ("Industrial accident kills California crane mechanic"). OSHA has released the identity of the 51-year-old man that died and they have also uncovered the reasons behind the accident. Workplace injuries like these can be difficult to prevent, but ensuring workers and the company adheres to required safety practices can greatly reduce them.

California construction accident leaves 1 man dead

A California worker has lost his life in a construction accident. The accident was witnessed by several workers. No one else sustained injuries in this tragic construction accident.

California man killed in levee construction accident

Construction sites can present dangers to workers that other workplaces may not. Tall heights, heavy machinery or equipment, and precarious tasks may all contribute to the hazardous conditions. Recently, a construction accident here in California led to one man's tragic death after being trapped.

California company fined in fatal construction accident

A construction company has been fined following a tragic accident which took the life of a worker. The construction accident occurred in January at the site where a Milpitas home was being built. The California Department of Occupational Safety and Health cited the company with 14 different citations for safety violations totaling $165,175 in fines after the death of a carpenter on the job site.

Construction site accident leaves worker dead in Chico

Construction workers' accidents are often among the most perilous types of accidents that can happen in California. Construction work can be dangerous, particularly when safety precautions are not properly followed. Most, if not all, of these types of accidents could have been avoided with the correct procedures in place. A construction site accident runs the risk of leading to severe injuries and sometimes even fatalities.

Fatal California construction workers' accident

The California woman turned on the entrance to go home, just like she would any other night. Except that she had been drinking and didn't realize the entrance ramp was closed. Not only that the entrance ramp was closed but that it was under construction and there were several workers on the scene. By the time the California woman may have realized all of this, it was already too late. She directly caused a construction workers' accident.

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