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California workers' compensation: Bus driver killed in accident

A California woman, her husband and recently her daughter are all drivers for the Los Angeles Metro bus systems. The woman, who has driven a bus for nearly 13 years, was recently killed in a traffic accident on June 12. Her untimely death may entitle her family not only to workers' compensation benefits, but also to financial compensation from the driver that hit her bus.

California summer could cause a job site accident

Temperatures in some California cities have already reached into the triple digits. As such, the state is reminding everyone to be prepared for heat related illnesses, including businesses. The possibility of a job site accident could be increased by an employee that has become overheated.

California industrial accident leads to fine for Bumble Bee Foods

Investigators with the California Department of Industrial Relations have recommended that Bumble Bee Foods LLC be fined upwards of $74,000 for six citations. The citations were issued in the aftermath of an industrial accident that killed a worker in October of last year. The worker was accidentally "cooked" in one of the company's industrial size pressure cookers.

California workplace accidents: Man dies after mixer accident

Medical personnel did what they could to save the life of a temporary employee at the Henkel Corporation in California. The possibility of workplace accidents is always present at industrial facilities. The question is always whether that accident could have been prevented?

California workers recovering from severe injury on the job

Two workers were hospitalized after an explosion at a California business. Weeks after having suffered an injury on the job, the two employees of La Canada Sport Chalet were still recovering in hospitals. The Cal-OSHA and the Arson Explosive Detail of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department are conducting the investigation into the explosion.

California recycling workers more prone to injury on the job

California recycling workers are beginning to fight back against poor work conditions. Workers complain they are being subjected to dangerous conditions while working and are receiving low wages. They are now beginning to gather and speak out against those workplace issues, but feel like they may be experiencing backlash by some of the corporations within the industry. Workers in the recycling business may be more prone to suffering an injury on the job. One of the advocates for these employees works for an organization that just recently issued a report claiming illness and injury on the job in this career field keeps people out of work at a rate five times higher than other industries combined.

California film workers exposed to injury on the job hazards

California's adult film industry has been under fire for the last few months, but it is again making headlines after accusations were leveled against one film company for allegedly violating safety protocol within the workplace. Any time a worker sustains an injury on the job, it could result in a workers' compensation claim. While the adult film industry is vastly different from other workplaces, it is still under the watchful eye of OSHA.

Man falls 40 feet to the ground in California workplace accident

Workplace accidents often occur with no prior warning and can sometimes result in serious injury or even death. A California man has been injured on the job in one of these workplace accidents. Fortunately, the man survived the accident but is in the hospital.

California worker cleaning ride sustains injury on the job

A Disneyland worker suffered an injury on the job recently while trying to clean one of the rides at the park. Fortunately, it seems like he will be okay, but he did suffer several broken bones. The injury on the job was sustained after a 20 to 30 foot fall. He has been transported to a California hospital to receive medical care.

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