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2018 College Scholarship Essay Contest

The Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, A.P.C., is happy to announce that we are accepting applications for the 2018 College Scholarship essay contest. The recipient of this scholarship will receive a $1,000 stipend to use towards his or her college tuition, fees and/or other education expenses.

Essay topic:

(Please fill in the topic that the law firm would like the essay to be about)

All applicants are encouraged to write their essay in their preferred style and tone. All essays, whether they are technical, legal, creative or narrative in style, will be judged equally.

Criteria: This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a degree in ( Please fill in any restrictions for area of study and/or location) in the U.S.

Format: Please write an essay of at least 500 words. The essay must be typed and double-spaced.

Author biography: The applicant should include a short author biography that is no more than 150 words.

Submission deadline: May 31st , 2018

Selection of winner: The lawyers at the San Diego office of the Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, A.P.C., will review all submissions. The winner of the scholarship will be selected and notified in (Please fill in month) , 2018 and the scholarship will be awarded by (Please fill in month) , 2018.