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Workplace injuries a fact of life for California linemen

Sometimes known as "the forgotten first responders", the individuals who work on power lines can face dangers on the job. Workplace injuries are a reality for this industry, and can come with grave consequences. Recently, one man in California lost his life due to an accident while servicing the power lines in the state. 

Workplace injuries debated for California officer

A woman who has served for the state Highway Patrol left her position after a diagnosis of PTSD. After a few years, she wished to return to work and was cleared by California Public Employees Retirement system to go back to work. The CHP fought the decision and ultimately lost the case for blocking the woman due to work injuries. 

Possible workplace injuries mean employers must carry insurance

The state has cited an employer of a truck driver who was killed fighting wildfires. The California employer was found not to be carrying required workers' compensation insurance for any of its employees. The man was injured when his truck rolled over and later died of his workplace injuries

Workplace injuries at California Goodwill locations

Safety protocols are an essential part of an effective business. When dealing with employee safety, a business is responsible for providing and enforcing proper safety training. Without such practices, employees are vulnerable to workplace injuries. A chain of Goodwill stores in California is facing accusations of failing to provide a safe environment to its employees. 

Workplace injuries on the rise for older workers

The workforce is aging. Older workers are choosing to keep working past retirement age, often out of financial necessity. Unfortunately, statistics show that older workers also face higher numbers of workplace injuries and workplace fatalities. Workers in California may be interested to learn about some of the risks for older workers on the job.

Workplace injuries at California explosives plant results in fine

One would expect an explosive plant to have the utmost concern and care for safety procedures, given the significant risk to employees should things go wrong. The California Division of Safety and Health agrees. That's why Pacific Scientific, a California explosives plant, was cited and fined over $293,000 for an accident that resulted in serious injuries for one employee. Cal/OSHA concluded that the workplace injuries were inexcusable considering the circumstances that led to the explosion that seriously injured one worker. 

Warnings about workplace injuries at California store ignored

An employee has a right to safety as well as a responsibility to report dangerous conditions on the job. Improper training, ignorance of safety protocols and poorly maintained equipment can lead to injury or even death for workers. When an attentive employee reports such violations to leadership, the expectation is that the dangerous situations will be rectified. In California, one man was recently killed and another man fired as a result of safety issues at a popular retail donation store. 

What happens if a claim for workplace injuries is denied?

After being hurt on the job, many California employees file claims to have their medical and other costs paid for -- just as they were told to do. They begin to receive medical treatment and take time off work to recover only to find out that their claims for workplace injuries were denied. Panic sets in since medical care is expensive, and they wonder about running out of sick time. Fortunately, there is an appeals process for denied claims.

Excavator operator suffers fatal workplace injuries

Construction company owners in California are responsible for the safety and health of all their employees. This includes making sure that operators of all equipment are properly certified to work on the machines to which they are assigned. Employers who fail to comply with the safety regulations as prescribed by the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may create circumstances in which serious workplace injuries can be suffered, and even deaths.

Workplace injuries: Summer heat threatens California farm workers

Reportedly, high temperatures are expected early this summer, and the California Division of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration urged owners of farms and supervisors to take care of agricultural workers who are exposed to excessive outdoor heat. The agency used a recent heat safety-training program to remind employers of the farmworker who succumbed to the effects of heat exhaustion last year. The training aimed to make crew bosses and supervisors aware of the symptoms they need to look out for to prevent heat illness, which can be as dangerous as any other workplace injuries.

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