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California firefighter succumbs to workplace injuries

Every year, firefighters in California put their lives on the line to protect the property and lives of others. Sadly, some of these brave workers suffer fatal workplace injuries. The U.S. Fire Administration says more than 50 firefighters have lost their lives so far this year.

What is an ergonomic workplace injury?

Administrative workers in San Diego will likely agree that uncomfortable work environments can adversely affect productivity and also increase the probability of musculoskeletal injuries and eyestrain. For this reason, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health provides guidelines for employers to assist with establishing ergonomically safe workstations to prevent workplace injury. Ergonomics involve adapting workstations and tasks to fit the worker to cause less physical stress that could cause debilitating musculoskeletal disorders.

Are psychological workplace injuries covered by workers' comp?

Employees in San Diego who are employed in high-risk jobs may frequently experience anxiety over the welfare of their families if something should happen that would prevent them from returning to work. They would likely find comfort in knowing that the workers' compensation system will provide financial relief if they happen to suffer physical workplace injuries. However, confusion might exist about coverage for psychological conditions caused by occupational stress, anxiety and emotional distress.

Involving workers in safety planning can limit workplace injuries

San Diego business owners will no doubt be aware that happy and healthy employees benefit the bottom line. Not only do they improve production, but insurance premiums can be kept to a minimum by preventing workplace injuries. Regardless of the industry, injuries can happen in any workplace, and set protocols to identify potential problems may be the place to start. These could include wet spots caused by spills or leaks, and random objects or debris on walkways. Another potential risk in all industries is heavy objects that can cause back problems for those who have to lift and carry them.

California automaker allegedly underreported workplace injuries

Groundbreaking automaker Tesla may soon be in hot water with government agencies for allegedly failing to report incidents where workers were injured. A new report alleged that several serious workplace injuries were not reported to the proper authorities. Tesla denies the claims and said in a press release that the report is an attempt to sabotage the California automaker. 

Fatal workplace injuries kill California waste truck driver

Workers in the waste removal industry in face life-threatening risks on a daily basis. The equipment with which they work poses serious safety hazards and is often the cause of workplace injuries. Employers in California must provide adequate safety training to prepare workers for potential hazards and teach them how to stay safe.

Workplace injuries a fact of life for California linemen

Sometimes known as "the forgotten first responders", the individuals who work on power lines can face dangers on the job. Workplace injuries are a reality for this industry, and can come with grave consequences. Recently, one man in California lost his life due to an accident while servicing the power lines in the state. 

Workplace injuries debated for California officer

A woman who has served for the state Highway Patrol left her position after a diagnosis of PTSD. After a few years, she wished to return to work and was cleared by California Public Employees Retirement system to go back to work. The CHP fought the decision and ultimately lost the case for blocking the woman due to work injuries. 

Possible workplace injuries mean employers must carry insurance

The state has cited an employer of a truck driver who was killed fighting wildfires. The California employer was found not to be carrying required workers' compensation insurance for any of its employees. The man was injured when his truck rolled over and later died of his workplace injuries

Workplace injuries at California Goodwill locations

Safety protocols are an essential part of an effective business. When dealing with employee safety, a business is responsible for providing and enforcing proper safety training. Without such practices, employees are vulnerable to workplace injuries. A chain of Goodwill stores in California is facing accusations of failing to provide a safe environment to its employees. 

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