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Resolving your workers' compensation case

You know that if you suffer injuries while on the job in California, you have the right to certain benefits and support through your employer's workers' compensation insurance. Applying for these benefits is just the first step in the process, however, and fairly settling your case may be a key component in your full and fair recovery.

Need to know some facts about workers' compensation?

Whether you suffer an injury or just want to know what happens if you do, the information below provides an overview of the workers' compensation system. With this knowledge, your worries about what happens after an injury might go away.

Helping California workers prevent a repetitive injury

A California resident does not have to work in a hazardous environment to suffer a work-related injury. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as those caused by a repetitive injury can cause serious -- and even permanent -- damage. There are steps that both employers and employees can do in order to reduce the risk of such injuries.

Rehabilitation in workers' compensation means more than one thing

When most California workers think about what "rehabilitation" means in connection with workers' compensation, it is usually in conjunction with recovering from an on-the-job injury -- such as physical therapy. That is just one definition of rehabilitation when it comes to providing workers' compensation benefits to injured workers. The other definition -- which could be more important to some individuals -- relates to vocational rehabilitation.

Risk and reward: how well are you paid for your dangerous job?

As we have said before on this blog, there is no job that comes without some safety risk. Whether it’s the risk of carpal tunnel or the risk of chemical exposure, every job presents its workers with some kind of danger that we hope employers account for.

Is the government doing enough to keep workers safe on the job?

Did you know that in 2012, more than 4,600 workers died in the United States while on the job? Compared to the roughly 3.8 million who suffered a work-related injury and the likely 50,000 who died from occupational diseases, this number seems small. But as many of our San Diego readers will probably tell you, even one work-related death means that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Can sleep loss lead to brain damage? Researchers say yes

For shift workers across the nation, working odd schedules is part of the job description. And whether you’re a retail worker or a truck driver, chances are those long hours and varying schedules have started to cut into your sleep schedule. While most people assume that they can make up for lost sleep by sleeping in on the weekends, some scientists now believe that this may not be as beneficial as we may think. In fact, damage may have already been done to our brains without us even realizing it.

Workers' compensation benefits helpful in California industry

A variety of hazards are present in any workplace, and this is especially true for people who work in the industrial setting. These hazards, ranging from rusty pipes to equipment that has not been well maintained, can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of workers in California -- hence the need for workers' compensation benefits. Experts now are pushing for major changes in how industrial safety is regulated and practiced following a workplace accident that occurred in the state.

California may limit workers' compensation for athletes

There are numerous professional athletic teams in our state. There are football teams, baseball teams, hockey teams, soccer teams and basketball teams from all over the country may have played games here each season. Under current California law, athletes that have ever played a game in our state may file workers' compensation claims for "cumulative" injuries.

Changes in the California workers' compensation laws

Back in September of last year, the governor of California signed legislation aimed at making changes to the workers' compensation laws. Major provisions of Senate Bill (S.B.) 863 went into effect on Jan. 1 of this year. Other changes to the workers' compensation system are taking place slowly through Jan. 1, 2014.

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