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LA City Council examines trucker's employee rights

Truckers are claiming that employers use independent contractor designation to avoid paying minimum wages and giving sick days. The situation is so bad at California's Los Angeles Port that many truckers have filed over one thousand suits for wage theft and have gone on strike at least four times. The City Council recently decided to support the movement for employee rights and is considering blocking those trucking companies that choose to use contracts instead of hiring their workers. 

Employee rights in the event of workplace injuries in California

One of the primary concerns most workers have is the potential hardship their families would have to suffer if they should be injured in an on-the-job accident. How will they pay medical bills and cope with personal financial obligations if they can't return to work for some time? Gaining knowledge about their employee rights may provide some peace of mind. Employers in California must provide workers' compensation insurance to cover all work-related injuries or illnesses.

California auto maker accused of employee rights violations

Workers have long fought for fair conditions in the workplace. Unions were created in order to use the power of numbers to advocate for better working conditions. Labor unions have successfully increased worker wages and safety in the past. A new California auto maker has recently been accused of employee rights violations because of alleged union-busting tactics. 

Employee rights, pay gaps probed at Google's California offices

Tech giant Google is under federal investigation for its pay and privacy practices. The Department of Labor, through its Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs, is requesting more information about an observed wage gap between male and female employees at the company. The California company denies the allegation of unfair payment practices, but has also come under fire for policies  perceived as infringing on employee rights by violating federal laws like the National Labor Relations Act and state laws like the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Are you an employee or a contractor? It matters in workers' comp.

It's called employee classification, and most people don't know the first thing about it. You see on your paycheck or W2 that you're an "exempt" employee -- what does that mean? Your boss says you're an independent contractor -- but are you?

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