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Disability Benefits Archives

Disability benefits can come as both private and public aid

While every person understands the eventuality of his or her own death, not everyone expects a disability. This may be the reason why more people have life insurance policies than disability insurance policies. In California and across the United States, there is a public option for benefits if a person becomes permanently disabled. The program that provides these disability benefits is called Social Security Disability Insurance. 

Disability benefits for victims of military sexual trauma

A military service person can expect to experience difficulties during his or her time of service. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one such effect, and it is often caused by combat-related events. Another type of trauma commonly experienced by military vets is known as military sexual trauma. Sufferers of military sexual trauma are eligible to receive disability benefits if their ability to work is affected by the occurrences. The psychiatric illness is widespread, and affects individuals from California and the entire United States.

Guide to temporary pregnancy disability benefits in California

New parents may be asking themselves, what are my options for time off with my baby? In California, guidelines are already in effect that offer some paid and unpaid leave for new mothers and fathers. These temporary disability benefits are offered to employees based on several factors. Individuals who meet criteria for parental leave are offered benefits, which may be expanded under a proposed new law. 

Disability benefits are earned benefits

The idea of Social Security is to provide a safety net to the elderly, the disabled and families who have lost the primary breadwinner. The benefits are in place to provide a safety net for vulnerable people across the country who need it most. A recent article talking about the disability insurance portion of Social Security Disability Insurance shares information that many people in California may find interesting. 

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