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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Preventing a construction accident due to a fall

Statistics show that the most often cited cause of workplace injuries is a fall. This statistic is not news to the majority of California construction workers and their employers. Preventing a construction accident due to a fall ought to be a priority for everyone in the industry.

2 men electrocuted in California job site accident

When a California resident decides to dig on his or her property, a call can be made, and someone will come out and mark underground hazards such as cable lines, water pipes and electrical lines. This not only helps ensure the safety of the resident, but also the continuity of public works. If this can be done for a resident, how is it that two workers are fighting for their lives after being electrocuted at a job site accident? The California division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) will work to answer this question.

Man loses leg after job site accident on California Hwy 4

Most California construction companies and their subcontractors do what they can to ensure the safety of their workers. Even so, no amount of safety policies, procedures or equipment can remove every hazard from a construction site. Even under the best circumstances, a job site accident can cause serious injury or death to a worker.

Unusual job site accident kills man in New Jersey

California men and women who work in the construction business know that it does not matter what function an individual performs, the dangers at job sites can cause serious injuries or death. The nature of the work lends itself to a job site accident if contractors and employees alike do not follow safety protocols. An unusual set of circumstances led to the death of a man delivering sheet rock to a site on the East Coast where a high-rise building is being constructed.

Heat-related workplace injury still possible as autumn approaches

Many California residents are anxiously awaiting the change of seasons when the mornings are crisp and the leaves change colors. However, even as autumn is rapidly approaching, a heat-related workplace injury is still a possibility. It is not unheard of for parts of the state to experience high temperatures as summer refuses to end.

Asbestos is often a silent but deadly workplace injury

California construction workers are exposed to numerous hazards while on the job. Many of those dangers are obvious, but at least one could cause a silent but deadly workplace injury that may not manifest for months or years after exposure -- asbestos. Knowing more about this deadly construction material could help prevent exposure to its harmful effects.

Construction accident highlights electrocution dangers

To our north, in the city of Mission Viejo, a construction worker was killed and another was injured after they both touched some electrical wires last month while working at the Mission Viejo High School. But while the accident is a terrible tragedy that might have been avoided, it is also standing as an example of what can happen to a person if the proper safety precautions are not taken around electricity.

San Diego officials look for cause of fatal construction accident

Work was stopped at a construction site at the San Diego International Airport. According to officials, work will not resume until the cause of a recent fatal construction accident is determined. The incident occurred in the Midway area where a rental car facility is being built.

Structural collapse in California garage endangers lives workers

Investigators are still looking into the collapse of a Los Angeles parking garage that could have claimed the lives of nearly 200 workers had it not been for the quick thinking of a team of concrete watchers. Some of our San Diego readers may have heard about the construction accident that caused a 50-by-75-foot section of the parking structure to come crashing down just moments after the area was evacuated. Although no one was reported to have been injured or trapped by debris from the collapse, investigators note that the circumstances could have been quite different.

Construction accident at sports stadium kills 1, injures 1

A lot of attention is typically given to providing safety equipment and training to construction workers in order to keep them safe. Unfortunately, there are instances when this same equipment can be a worker's worst enemy. California construction workers may have heard about the recent tragedy at a stadium under construction in the Lone Star State. The construction accident killed one man and injured another.

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