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Depression: Are workplace circumstances getting you down?

Have you suffered an on-the-job injury that jeopardizes your ability to earn enough to take proper care of your family? Maybe you witnessed a co-worker die after suffering a traumatic workplace injury. Many circumstances at work could lead to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Do you risk your life while fighting fires?

Being a firefighter in California is a selfless job that typically takes a heavy toll from those who aim to save lives — regardless of the harm they face. If this is your profession, you will likely know the risks you face whenever you are on duty. Along with extinguishing fires, you have to pull people from vehicles in fiery accidents, from burning buildings and even from the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Getting back to work after a workplace accident

A workplace accident can change your life in various significant ways, and it can be difficult to imagine how you will ever get back to normal. If you suffered injuries in an accident that took place at work, you may have a rightful claim to workers' compensation benefits. Some of these benefits will include medical care and recovery of a portion of your lost wages.

Flames and smoke are not the only dangers fire presents

With all of the wildfires here in California in recent weeks, fire is on the minds of many people here in the state. Even if you were fortunate enough not to be in one of the areas devastated by these fires, you could still find yourself in the position of cleaning up after the flames are put out and the smoke dissipates.

Will you recognize a safety hazard when you see one?

Factories are hazardous areas, regardless of the products they make. If you are an employee who earns a living in an industrial setup in California, you have likely experienced near misses on numerous occasions -- or was the last one not a near miss but an actual workplace accident that left you injured and unable to return to work? Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their workers, but many of them prioritize profits, leaving employees to fend for themselves.

Does your company have a plan for a catastrophic accident?

Remember fire drills in school? They were exciting at first. When the alarm sounded, everyone hustled from the building with stern-faced teachers warning of the importance of single-file lines and closed lips. By the time you got to high school, however, it was hard to take such drills seriously. You and your friends may have strolled down the evacuation route, chatting about your plans for the weekend and happy to be missing chemistry.

Did your job cause complex regional pain syndrome?

You may know that California workers who experience injuries in workplace accidents have the right to compensation through their employer's workers' compensation insurance. However, these benefits extend beyond just accident-related injuries, and may also be available for individuals who got sick or developed injuries as a result of their jobs.

You have a lot on your plate if you suffer a restaurant injury

Working in a California restaurant can be exhilarating. You may enjoy interacting with the customers and the high-energy pace of the dinner hour, especially when a customer leaves an appreciative tip. However, restaurant work carries a high rate of accidents and injuries.

What are your rights after silica exposure in the workplace?

Some California workers face various risks every time they show up for work. From using power tools to slip-and-fall accidents, there are many ways that a person could suffer an injury in the workplace. Just as dangerous are the environment hazards that may eventually lead to pain, suffering and serious illness, even decades in the future. 

Workplace violence: A real threat to your safety at work

Workers’ compensation benefits are for individuals who suffer injuries while at work or as a direct result of their work conditions. Workplace violence is also a valid reason to seek compensation, yet many people are either unaware of their right to financial support or unaware of the fact that anyone in any profession could find themselves the victim of violence at some point.While no California workplace can be completely immune from violence, employers bear the responsibility of eliminating as many risks and threats to safety as possible. If you are the victim of workplace violence of any type, you will find great benefit in seeking legal help in order to discover your legal options and secure the compensation you deserve.

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