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June 2019 Archives

Disability benefits will help if you cannot return to work

Facing mounting medical bills in the aftermath of a workplace injury is enough to cause anxiety for any victim. It is a situation that can be exacerbated if the injury left the worker unable to return to work. Workers in San Diego and across California might find comfort in knowing that they will likely be eligible for disability benefits through the state-operated workers' compensation insurance system.

Do you suffer discrimination because you identify as transgender?

Does the gender with which you identify differ from your assigned sex when you were born? Then you are likely one of many people in California who are victims of LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace. This could also be the case if you choose to express your behavior and appearance different from your sex at birth.

Collapsing trench walls can cause fatal workplace injuries

Almost every construction site in San Diego and across California involves excavation of some kind. If the earth's surface is cut into, creating an indentation or hole in which the width is narrower than its length qualifies as a trench. Strict safety standards are in place to prevent workplace injuries caused by collapsed trench walls. When such a catastrophe happens, workers can be buried under 3,000 pounds of soil, or more, in the blink of an eye.

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