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Workplace injuries in construction zones are preventable

American trucking associations focus on construction zone safety nationwide, including around cities like San Diego during April each year. Their goal is to get all operators of vehicles of all sizes and types to travel through work zones as if they work there. They believe that if all drivers take precautions, workplace injuries among construction zone workers can be prevented.

Construction workers who work near or in the traffic lanes want drivers who travel through work zones to be aware that lower speed limits might be in place and temporary traffic lane changes might be in effect. Many severe crashes in work zones are caused by speeding, and drivers are urged to be considerate and patient. It is also crucial to avoid tailgating and make sure following distances are safe.

Road construction companies post warning signs to guide motorists, but distractions often cause posted signs to go unnoticed. Traveling through construction zones require drivers to be alert because uncommon obstacles might be present. Special care is necessary when big rigs are also moving through the work zone because they have the added risk of blind spots, and motorists must avoid lingering too close to the trucks where the drivers cannot see them.

Construction workers in San Diego who suffered workplace injuries in construction zones despite the awareness program might now be facing mounting medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, the California workers’ compensation insurance system provides benefits to ease the financial burden. An experienced attorney can assist with the filing of benefits claims while the injured worker can focus on recovering and returning to work.