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How can newer, greener technology place workers at risk?

If you work in construction in California, you understand first hand how difficult this job can be. There are various risks associated with working in this specific industry, and employers should strive to implement safety and take steps to make workers as safe as reasonably possible. This includes emphasizing safety when introducing new or green technology.

There is an ongoing emphasis on reducing waste, using more sustainable materials and using technology to make construction more efficient. While there are many positive elements to implementing technology and making construction greener, there are risks as well. If you work in construction, it is in your interests to know how you may be at risk and how you can protect your interests.

The hazards associated with green construction

Green construction is better for the planet, and many companies are now striving to build structures that are more sustainable and eco-friendly. This is not without risk for the men and women who work in construction. In fact, doing many of the things that make a building greener are the very things that can increase the chance of a jobsite accident. Consider the following:

  • One of the significant risks involved with green construction is requiring workers to use unfamiliar technology while working from heights.
  • Installing solar panels, working on atria and constructing other green elements is thought to be the reason for an increase in falls by almost 25 percent.
  • Green projects often require the use of substantially heavy equipment, which can place workers at an increased chance of involvement in an accident.
  • These jobsites often have more electrical currents, placing workers at an increased risk of electrical shock, and workers are also more likely to face exposure to substances that can cause them harm. 

These are just some of the risks you may face if you work in construction with a company involved with building green or eco-friendly buildings. Construction is particularly dangerous if employers are negligent in making safety a top priority.

What happens if you suffer an injury?

If you suffer an injury while working on a construction site, you have the right to certain types of benefits and support. Through a workers’ compensation claim, you can pursue benefits that may include coverage of your medical bills, help getting back to work and even recovery of some of your lost wages.

It may be in your interests to seek legal guidance and experienced counsel before you move forward with this type of insurance claim. The claims process can be confusing and overwhelming, but with help, you can avoid problems and increase your chance of getting what you deserve in a timely manner.