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Employee rights when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits

Members of the California workforce know that a workplace accident can happen at any time. For this reason, it is crucial for them to understand their employee rights when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. To avoid delays in benefits payments, it is essential to get medical attention immediately, and even go to the hospital if necessary. The next step is to inform the employer of the injury as soon as possible.

An injured worker might be smart to document the details of the injury, the circumstances that led to it and even witness statements to avoid instances of an employer challenging or denying a claim. Furthermore, he or she must keep notes of visits to doctors or therapists, doctor and hospital bills, and other expenses. Copies will have to accompany the benefits claim.

Injured workers have the right to take the necessary time to recover, heal and return to work. A workplace accident victim may also inquire about the status of his or her workers’ compensation claim, and seek assurance that the employer has filed the claim within the allowed time limit. Workers are entitled to access the necessary medical care and modified or lighter work duties during recovery.

California workers are also entitled to seek legal counsel to assist with the navigation of workers’ compensation benefits claims. It is also within their employee rights to see an attorney if they get the impression that their employers are stalling the claims process. Furthermore, an experienced attorney can also provide support and guidance with the appeals process if initial claims are denied.