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Involving workers in safety planning can limit workplace injuries

San Diego business owners will no doubt be aware that happy and healthy employees benefit the bottom line. Not only do they improve production, but insurance premiums can be kept to a minimum by preventing workplace injuries. Regardless of the industry, injuries can happen in any workplace, and set protocols to identify potential problems may be the place to start. These could include wet spots caused by spills or leaks, and random objects or debris on walkways. Another potential risk in all industries is heavy objects that can cause back problems for those who have to lift and carry them.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides signage that can be placed to indicate hazardous areas. Signage can include mounted warnings and floor markings to indicate potential risks, such as those present in loading docks. Involving employees in developing and maintaining plans to avoid injuries can benefit all. A logical list of steps to take to prevent injuries can form part of this plan.

Safety training is an essential part of maintaining a safety culture. While all new employees must go through this training, it cannot hurt to involve long-time employees at regular intervals. This can counter complacency that develops over time and could be passed on to new workers — often with devastating consequences. Constant monitoring of compliance with safety regulations is crucial, and all employees must be encouraged to report new dangers, as well as near misses, to keep safety plans current.

Unfortunately, regardless of all efforts to prevent workplace injuries, accidents will likely continue to occur. Victims of such events might have to deal with unanticipated medical expenses and lost wages. Fortunately, the California workers’ compensation insurance program will provide benefits to cover those losses. Many workers’ choose to utilize the services of experienced San Diego workers’ compensation attorneys to navigate benefits claims for them.

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