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April 2018 Archives

Depression: Are workplace circumstances getting you down?

Have you suffered an on-the-job injury that jeopardizes your ability to earn enough to take proper care of your family? Maybe you witnessed a co-worker die after suffering a traumatic workplace injury. Many circumstances at work could lead to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

California automaker allegedly underreported workplace injuries

Groundbreaking automaker Tesla may soon be in hot water with government agencies for allegedly failing to report incidents where workers were injured. A new report alleged that several serious workplace injuries were not reported to the proper authorities. Tesla denies the claims and said in a press release that the report is an attempt to sabotage the California automaker. 

Saving doesn't have to limit disability benefits

A person who was hurt at work or has become disabled may find that his or her income has been reduced. Programs exist that provide disability benefits to individuals who were injured at work and also for those who become disabled through other means. These programs usually limit the amount of assets that a person may hold without jeopardizing benefit payouts. Luckily, in California and other states, savings programs exist that allow individuals to save money without endangering the income they depend on. 

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