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Getting back to work after a workplace accident

A workplace accident can change your life in various significant ways, and it can be difficult to imagine how you will ever get back to normal. If you suffered injuries in an accident that took place at work, you may have a rightful claim to workers’ compensation benefits. Some of these benefits will include medical care and recovery of a portion of your lost wages.

Another benefit you may access through workers’ compensation is rehabilitation benefits. If the nature of your injury leaves you unable to return to your same job or do the same job in the capacity that you did before your accident, there are benefits that can help you find a job or take other measures to get back to work as soon as possible.

What do you need to return to work?

The support and help you need to get back to work depend on the nature of your injury and your physical limitations. You may need more than just medical care and physical therapy – you may need help reentering the California workforce. Some of the types of help you could get through workers’ compensation include the following:

  • Help building your resume if you need to find new employment
  • Training for new types of employment
  • Interview and application preparation and support
  • Assistance looking for job opportunities
  • Assistance with getting the accommodation you need if you have physical disabilities
  • Tuition for necessary education

These are just some of the ways you may be able to secure help as you work to get better and get back to work. The specific types of benefits you can receive, as well as the amount and duration, depend on the nature of your individual case and the nature of your injuries. Workers may find it beneficial to seek help as they pursue the appropriate amount of benefits and the right type of support after a workplace accident.

Walking through a complex process

The workers’ compensation claims process can be difficult, and if you are suffering from a workplace accident or occupational illness, you do not have to walk through it alone.

From the very initial stages of your claim, you can benefit from support and guidance as you complete paperwork, deal with complications and even navigate the appeals process. As an injured worker, certain benefits are available to you, and that may include help as you work to return to work after your time of recovery.