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February 2018 Archives

Working while receiving disability benefits

In the era of the side hustle, some people consider working even while they already receive a check, in order to supplement their income. For those receiving disability benefits, many wonder if their checks will be affected if they choose to work while receiving them. In California, there are federal guidelines that determine how Social Security Disability benefits could possibly be affected should a person also draw an income from a job. 

Workplace injuries a fact of life for California linemen

Sometimes known as "the forgotten first responders", the individuals who work on power lines can face dangers on the job. Workplace injuries are a reality for this industry, and can come with grave consequences. Recently, one man in California lost his life due to an accident while servicing the power lines in the state. 

Getting back to work after a workplace accident

A workplace accident can change your life in various significant ways, and it can be difficult to imagine how you will ever get back to normal. If you suffered injuries in an accident that took place at work, you may have a rightful claim to workers' compensation benefits. Some of these benefits will include medical care and recovery of a portion of your lost wages.

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