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December 2017 Archives

Workplace injuries debated for California officer

A woman who has served for the state Highway Patrol left her position after a diagnosis of PTSD. After a few years, she wished to return to work and was cleared by California Public Employees Retirement system to go back to work. The CHP fought the decision and ultimately lost the case for blocking the woman due to work injuries. 

Flames and smoke are not the only dangers fire presents

With all of the wildfires here in California in recent weeks, fire is on the minds of many people here in the state. Even if you were fortunate enough not to be in one of the areas devastated by these fires, you could still find yourself in the position of cleaning up after the flames are put out and the smoke dissipates.

LA City Council examines trucker's employee rights

Truckers are claiming that employers use independent contractor designation to avoid paying minimum wages and giving sick days. The situation is so bad at California's Los Angeles Port that many truckers have filed over one thousand suits for wage theft and have gone on strike at least four times. The City Council recently decided to support the movement for employee rights and is considering blocking those trucking companies that choose to use contracts instead of hiring their workers. 

How disability benefits are changing in California

Over the last seven years, services and funding for Social Security Disability Insurance have changed. Wait times are longer, and the number of cases waiting for a hearing by a judge has risen. Many California residents will need to make a claim for these disability benefits during their lifetimes, and a recent news article gives an idea of what these people can expect. 

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