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May 2017 Archives

What are your rights after silica exposure in the workplace?

Some California workers face various risks every time they show up for work. From using power tools to slip-and-fall accidents, there are many ways that a person could suffer an injury in the workplace. Just as dangerous are the environment hazards that may eventually lead to pain, suffering and serious illness, even decades in the future. 

Excavator operator suffers fatal workplace injuries

Construction company owners in California are responsible for the safety and health of all their employees. This includes making sure that operators of all equipment are properly certified to work on the machines to which they are assigned. Employers who fail to comply with the safety regulations as prescribed by the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may create circumstances in which serious workplace injuries can be suffered, and even deaths.

Workplace injuries: Summer heat threatens California farm workers

Reportedly, high temperatures are expected early this summer, and the California Division of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration urged owners of farms and supervisors to take care of agricultural workers who are exposed to excessive outdoor heat. The agency used a recent heat safety-training program to remind employers of the farmworker who succumbed to the effects of heat exhaustion last year. The training aimed to make crew bosses and supervisors aware of the symptoms they need to look out for to prevent heat illness, which can be as dangerous as any other workplace injuries.

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