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Workplace injuries: Fall of glass panel critically injures worker

Although compliance with safety regulations can avoid the majority of workplace accidents, unanticipated incidents sometimes cause serious injuries. However, company owners who prioritize worker safety usually keep workers informed of potential hazards inherent in their duties and explain how to avoid workplace injuries. Unfortunately, workers in California and across the country continue to suffer on-the-job injuries in circumstances that could have been avoided by proper planning and hazard assessments.

One such incident sent emergency workers to the premises of a glass company in another state. A report indicates that the call for emergency assistance was received shortly before noon on a recent Wednesday. Upon arrival at the scene, responders found a worker who had suffered severe head trauma.

An incident report indicated that a group of workers was loading large glass panels off a flatbed truck when they lost control of one panel. Although a warning was called to alert the worker of the imminent danger, he was struck by the glass panel. The man was stabilized at the scene, and although a helicopter was requested, weather conditions were not favorable. Instead, he was transported to a hospital by ambulance in a critical condition.

California workers who suffer critical workplace injuries may have to face several financial challenges once medical bills arrive. Moreover, the loss of income during hospitalization and recuperation may jeopardize the family’s financial stability. Fortunately, workers are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance program. Compensation can be pursued by filing benefits claims that typically provide coverage of medical expenses and a portion of lost wages.

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