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2 Construction workers escape serious workplace injuries

Near misses in the construction injury can cause psychological trauma to workers. In some cases, workers are lucky to survive an incident and suffer only non-life-threatening workplace injuries; however, the physical and psychological effects can still be long-lasting. The California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating an incident at a construction site that could have resulted in fatalities or severe bodily harm.

Firefighters reportedly rushed to a construction site in Irvine on a recent Friday morning to find two workers on a platform above the rooftop of a 21-story high-rise. Authorities said the workers were preparing to put sealant around the windows of the building when the platform malfunctioned and unexpectedly dropped approximately 10 feet. It then came to an abrupt stop, still leaving it stuck about 12 feet above the roof of the building.

It appears both men were properly tethered to the platform, as firefighters reported that they were at no time in danger of falling off. However, one of the men — reported to be in his 30s — suffered a laceration to his leg and possible neck injuries, while the other man, who is in his 40s, suffered a minor leg injury. They were transported to different hospitals.

While the physical injuries suffered by the California workers may have long-term consequences, the trauma of the event may also affect their ability to continue working at heights. Fortunately, the workers’ compensation insurance system provides financial relief for victims of workplace injuries. Any medical expenses related to the incident might be compensated along with any loss of income caused by an absence from work. If such an accident jeopardizes the worker’s employment position due to trauma, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney may assist in obtaining additional compensation.

Source:, “Construction workers rescued from on 21-story building rooftop in Irvine“, Alma Fausto, Feb. 12, 2016