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California car port roof collapse causes workplace injuries

California workers in the building industry need protection against a multitude of potential safety hazards. A worker recently suffered workplace injuries that were caused by an accident the cause of which is still to be determined. Firefighters who responded to the alert of the workplace accident reported that it occurred at a property in Benicia.

According to a preliminary report, the worker was working on a property that had a detached carport. For unknown reasons, the roof of the carport apparently collapsed and fell on the worker, pinning him underneath. It was reported that the weight of the roof was estimated at about 2,000 pounds. By the use of wooden blocks and airbags, the roof was lifted off the injured worker, and the rescue operation reportedly took about 20 minutes.

Once the worker was retrieved from under the roof, it was established that he had suffered mild to moderate injuries. The circumstances of the accident are still sketchy as there seemed to have been no witnesses. Neighbors reportedly called 911 after hearing the roof crashing to the ground, but they did not witness the incident. The California Occupational Health and Safety Administration and the local building department were advised of the incident, and an investigation may bring more clarity.

The nature of the workplace injuries suffered by this man is not known, but he may need extensive medical treatment. Any medical expenses incurred after a workplace accident might be recoverable. Workers are entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits that will not only cover accident-related medical expenses but also some level of lost wages.

Source:, “Benicia man injured in roof collapse Monday“, Rachel Raskin-Zrihen, July 20, 2015