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When a worker develops a repetitive stress injury

Not all workplace injuries come as the result of a single decisive event. Some such injuries instead develop slowly and gradually over time. One work injury class that generally falls into this latter category are workplace repetitive stress injuries.

All different sorts of employees can have the potential to develop repetitive stress injuries at work, from industrial workers to construction workers to health care workers to delivery workers to office workers. Also, repetitive stress injuries can affect a variety of different parts of the body. Some examples of common places in the body for repetitive stress injuries to develop are fingers, hands, elbows, knees, shoulders, the neck and the back.

Thus, there are wide range of different circumstances under which a worker can develop a repetitive stress injury as a result of their work. When a person develops a repetitive stress injury, it can be very important for them to promptly get it properly treated, even if the injury initially only seems to be fairly minor in nature. This is because repetitive stress injuries, if left untreated and unaddressed, can sometimes end up getting much, much worse.

Consequently, it can be important for a California worker who has developed a repetitive stress injury and believes the injury came about through their work to understand what sorts of rights and benefits the state’s workers’ comp system may entitle them to when it comes to medical treatment and what making a claim for workers’ comp benefits for their injury would involve.

Our firm is experienced in workers’ compensation matters and understands the unique issues that can arise when it comes to workers’ compensation claims regarding repetitive stress injuries. We can help individuals who have suffered a workplace repetitive stress injury with getting the workers’ comp information they need and with fighting for their rights.