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Will this summer be a tough one on outdoor workers in California?

Summer is now just a couple of months away. Given this, there are many summer preparations Californians may be starting to make, like making summer vacation plans or planning what sorts of outdoor activities they and their family will be doing over the summer.

Businesses may also be starting to make some summer preparations. One variety of preparations one hopes that all businesses here in California with outdoor workers will be making in the time leading up to summer is summer worker safety preparations.

For outdoor workers, summer can raise some special safety concerns. One such concern comes from the fact that the temperatures can be quite high in the summer. It appears that this upcoming summer could be a particularly hot one here in California, given that in the past couple of months and last year the state saw higher-than-usual temperatures.

Hot temperatures can make outdoor workers particularly vulnerable to suffering heat illness. There are, thankfully, preparations that employers can make to try to reduce the summer heat-illness-risks for their workers. This includes making sure to have proper protective procedures, practices and training in place. Recently, Cal/OSHA urged employers to start their preparations for protecting outdoor workers from summer heat.

A worker can experience some significant negative impacts when they suffer heat illness out on the job. Receiving workers’ comp benefits for such negative impacts may be possible for workers who suffer heat illness. Thus, talking with a workers’ compensation attorney is among the things a worker may want to do if they suffer heat illness while working.

Do you think this summer will be one where the heat illness risks for outdoor workers here in California will be higher than usual? Do you think California businesses with outdoor workers will comply with Cal/OSHA’s urgings for advanced preparations? How good of a job do you think employers in the state do at protecting their outdoor workers from heat illness during the summer months?

Source: The Californian, “Cal/OSHA: Prepare now for summer heat,” Dennis L. Taylor, April 1, 2015