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Unusual job site accident kills man in New Jersey

California men and women who work in the construction business know that it does not matter what function an individual performs, the dangers at job sites can cause serious injuries or death. The nature of the work lends itself to a job site accident if contractors and employees alike do not follow safety protocols. An unusual set of circumstances led to the death of a man delivering sheet rock to a site on the East Coast where a high-rise building is being constructed.

As the 58-year-old man got out of his truck, the time was approximately 8:45 a.m. At the same time, someone was working on the 50th floor of the building. That person’s tape measure fell from his or her work belt. As the object sped toward the ground, it hit a piece of metal when it was approximately 10 feet above the ground.

It then ricocheted and flew into the deceased man’s head. Emergency medical personnel transported the man to a hospital in New Jersey where the accident took place. By 10 a.m., he had succumbed to the injuries he received in this tragic accident.

His family did not even have time to say goodbye because they arrived at the hospital too late. Now, his wife is a widow and his daughters will grow up without their father because of what is being called a freak job site accident. Further, his widow and children are now forced to move forward without his income. They may receive benefits under the workers’ compensation system to cover his funeral and burial, as would be the case in a similar situation here in California. In addition, they may be eligible for other benefits, including a compensation package for the loss of his income.

Source: New York Daily News, “Man making delivery at Jersey City construction site killed by tape measure dropped from building’s 50th floor“, Oren Yaniv, Nov. 3, 2014