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September 2014 Archives

It is possible to have a herniated disc and not know it

Many people work in occupations where they regularly lift objects, which can naturally lead to some discomfort at the end of a workday. California workers do not always know exactly when they may have received a work injury. For instance, it is possible to suffer from a herniated disc and not realize it for some time.

California contractor drowns in workplace accident

It may not seem to many California residents that doing maintenance on a golf course would be hazardous work.  However, every job has its own set of dangers.  For instance, a contractor was recently killed in a workplace accident at PGA West's Private Course, named for Jack Nicklaus.  Now, the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has come in to conduct an investigation.

Heat-related workplace injury still possible as autumn approaches

Many California residents are anxiously awaiting the change of seasons when the mornings are crisp and the leaves change colors. However, even as autumn is rapidly approaching, a heat-related workplace injury is still a possibility. It is not unheard of for parts of the state to experience high temperatures as summer refuses to end.

Asbestos is often a silent but deadly workplace injury

California construction workers are exposed to numerous hazards while on the job. Many of those dangers are obvious, but at least one could cause a silent but deadly workplace injury that may not manifest for months or years after exposure -- asbestos. Knowing more about this deadly construction material could help prevent exposure to its harmful effects.

California company fined for deadly workplace accident

Back in 2009, a man working at a large retailer's distribution center here in southern California was killed. The deadly workplace accident occurred when the man fell into a machine that bales and compacts cardboard. Recently, it was announced that the company will be paying a $950,000 fine in lieu of criminal prosecution for the man's death, and will make sure all of its machines are working properly and make sure that the safeguards for the machines are in place. The company also waived its right to appeal the decision.

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