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July 2014 Archives

Can a car accident lead to workers' compensation benefits?

Imagine for a moment that your job requires you to drive to and from job sites. One day, while on the job, you are involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and suffer serious injuries. Did you know that an on-the-job accident such as this qualifies you for workers’ compensation benefits? Would you know to file a claim?

Risk and reward: how well are you paid for your dangerous job?

As we have said before on this blog, there is no job that comes without some safety risk. Whether it’s the risk of carpal tunnel or the risk of chemical exposure, every job presents its workers with some kind of danger that we hope employers account for.

OSHA provides new brochure on back injury prevention

Those in California who work in the healthcare industry likely experience back pain, at least from time to time. Moving patients after a healthcare worker has been on his or her feet for an extended period of time often leads to a painful back injury, tendonitis or rotator cuff injury. OSHA recently issued a new brochure regarding the prevention of what is arguably the leading cause of injury to workers in the healthcare industry.

The California sun is a source of workplace injuries

It is summertime, and many people in California are spending time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. Many more people, however, work outdoors in the heat all day long and do not have the option to go indoors when it gets too hot. Agricultural workers, construction workers and others suffer workplace injuries due to the same weather that others enjoy in their off time or on vacation.

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