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May 2014 Archives

San Diego officials look for cause of fatal construction accident

Work was stopped at a construction site at the San Diego International Airport. According to officials, work will not resume until the cause of a recent fatal construction accident is determined. The incident occurred in the Midway area where a rental car facility is being built.

Why not reporting an injury is more problematic than you think

Imagine that you have just suffered a work-related injury. Would you report it to your employer? Perhaps you think that it won't affect your ability to work. Maybe it will. If you're like a lot of people across the state then you might even think that it will be better for you and the company if you do not report the injury at all.

Exposure to solvents could have lasting implications, study shows

Does your job require you to work with solvents or products that give off a chemical vapor? Are you exposed to these conditions on a daily basis? If you answered yes to these questions then this post will be an important one to read because it will point out the danger such conditions present to workers across the nation.

Possible mechanical failure injures 9 circus performers

When it comes to keeping us safe on the job, we expect that if our employer knows about a danger that they will do whatever is necessary to keep us out of harm's way. But a terrifying accident in another state this month is once again highlighting for our California readers that this isn't always the case. It also further shows how this negligence can affect other people's lives as well.

Corrections officer suffers injuries in explosion at jail

On the list of things we can’t control in life, Mother Nature is perhaps at the top of that list. In particularly devastating natural disasters, lives can be lost and injuries can be suffered. But sometimes, it’s the damage that Mother Nature causes to our infrastructures that can then lead to serious injury or death. And if this happens while a person is on the job, it’s possible that workers’ compensation benefits could soon follow.

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