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April 2014 Archives

Fertilizer warehouses could do more to protect workers

No matter where you work or what you do, there is always some danger that your job presents to you. Few know this better than people who work industrial jobs. For them, their jobs present dangers almost every day. Despite this fact though, they hope that the necessary precautions have been taken to help keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Lower back pain considered No.1 cause of job disability

Do you have a job that requires you to constantly lift heavy items? Are you constantly on your feet all day, standing on hard surfaces? Have you ever experienced a twinge of pain in your lower back that never seems to go away? If you said yes to any of these questions, especially the last one, then you’re like many Americans across the nation that are experiencing the No. 1 cause of job disability: lower back pain.

Was man injured in grain accident eligible for workers' comp?

A terrifying workplace accident in Woodland may grab the attention of some of our San Diego readers this month, not because the victim is seeking compensation for his injuries but because the story brings up an important question: why do some workers qualify for workers' compensation benefits and others do not?

Structural collapse in California garage endangers lives workers

Investigators are still looking into the collapse of a Los Angeles parking garage that could have claimed the lives of nearly 200 workers had it not been for the quick thinking of a team of concrete watchers. Some of our San Diego readers may have heard about the construction accident that caused a 50-by-75-foot section of the parking structure to come crashing down just moments after the area was evacuated. Although no one was reported to have been injured or trapped by debris from the collapse, investigators note that the circumstances could have been quite different.

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