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March 2014 Archives

Man suffering from job-related mesothelioma may seek damages

For decades, a California auto mechanic worked on vehicles using asbestos-laden parts. Eventually, he developed mesothelioma from contact with the cancer-causing fibers. But when he sought compensation, he was consistently turned down. Suffering from cancer, he recently relied on a California appeals court to finally give him justice.

Can sleep loss lead to brain damage? Researchers say yes

For shift workers across the nation, working odd schedules is part of the job description. And whether you’re a retail worker or a truck driver, chances are those long hours and varying schedules have started to cut into your sleep schedule. While most people assume that they can make up for lost sleep by sleeping in on the weekends, some scientists now believe that this may not be as beneficial as we may think. In fact, damage may have already been done to our brains without us even realizing it.

What is the real cost of Daylight Savings Time?

As many of our readers know, this last weekend marked the new cycle of Daylight Savings Time. But while most people just assume that we lose and hour and that’s the last of it, some researchers believe that there could be a higher cost to Daylight Savings Time: workplace safety.

California luggage worker dies in workplace accident at LAX

Employees at LAX recently held a fundraiser for a luggage worker who was found dead at the airport. Originally, authorities believed the man's death was due to a heart attack. Recently, the California division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration decided to conduct an investigation into the workplace accident.

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